Spoiler! Gå inte in på den här nyheten om ni vill gå in blind på The Callisto Protocol


Det är nämligen så att hela listan med spelets alla trophys har läckt ut. Vill ni ha ett försprång eller som vissa har gjort, listat ut berättelsen på förhand genom att tolka alla trophys.

27 stycken är det och här nedan kommer dom.

It’s over, Jacob! trophy
Collect all trophies

I Do Belong Here trophy
Beat the game on any difficulty

You Need a Gun trophy
Fully Upgrade One Weapon

The Protocol is About Life trophy
Beat the game on Maximum Security difficulty

Grim Reaper trophy
Harvest and read all implant bios

The Commonality trophy
Uncover the mystery of Kallipolis

Get a Grip trophy
Grab twenty-five enemies with the GRP

Terminated trophy
Take down a security robot

Two Heads Are Better Than One trophy
Take down the two-head

In Striking Distance trophy
Kill an enemy via GRP and a melee combo

Paper Jams trophy
Print a weapon for the first time

Reforged trophy
Print a weapon upgrade

Giving Back trophy
Stab five blind enemies in the back

Mugshot trophy
Take a photo using photo mode

Float Like A Butterfly trophy
Perfect dodge five times

Flesh Wound trophy
Use melee or ranged weapons to take both arms off a living enemy

Chew ‘Em Up trophy
Kill ten enemies with environmental hazards

Workplace Hazard trophy
Use GRP to kill an enemy by throwing them into an environmental hazard

The Outer Way trophy
Find the Outer Way boarding craft

Desperate Times trophy
Elias gives Jacob a shiv

If the SHU Fits… trophy
Activate the SHU

Without A Paddle trophy
Survive the pipeslide

Crash Site trophy
Return to the crashed ship

In the Pipe, Five by Five trophy
Reach the Hangar flight deck

Power Up trophy
Restore power to the old facility

What Lies Beneath trophy
Find the source

Full Circle trophy
Get thrown back into original cell


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