Smyg Skräck FPS spelet Blood West får ett release datum


Det är den polskbaserade studion Hyperstrange som idag annonserat att deras spel Blood West som legat i Early Access på Steam äntligen får ett full-release datum. December i år kan vi få ta del av denna massaker som har hela 91% positivt på Steam.

Key Features include:

  • Challenging FPS combat: Thrilling gunfights and heart-stopping battles against ruthless outlaws, rival gunslingers, and supernatural creatures. Players must master a variety of weapons and skills to overcome enemies.
  • Stealth mechanics awarding caution: A true gunslinger knows that the element of surprise is priceless. The quietest hunters are often the deadliest, and the ability to successfully eliminate foes swiftly and silently is necessary for survival.
  • Trait-based character progression: As players progress through the game, they collect skill points and gather artifacts that can be used to unlock new strengths and abilities to benefit their character. But, in the cursed world of Blood West, negative traits play a role as well. Each time the player dies, negative traits are accumulated and require action to reverse or negate the newly acquired negative traits.
  • Unusual and exciting enemies: Enemies are not only a physical threat, but present players with a challenge to think creatively. Whether it’s figuring out how to deal with bugmen who scurry away to alert all nearby enemies, finding the right ammo to harm ghosts, or learning the vulnerabilities of undead alligators – the challenge of each enemy makes each confrontation an intense and memorable experience.
  • Non-linear immersive gameplay: The ability to carve a unique path through the Wild West, and choose which quest to pursue next, provides players with an unforgettable, captivating, and empowering experience.


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