Baten Kaitos I och II HD Remaster får många kvalitetsförbättringar


Namco Bandai har släppt en lista med flertalet livsförbättringar till kommande Baten Kaitos I och II HD remaster. Här nedan är all info.

Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster Switch Features

Convenient New Features Added to Make Gameplay Smoother

With an array of new features, the game is easier to play than ever before.

Six Different Adjustable Parameters

Adjust parameters including game speed and random enemy encounters and save them as your favorite way to play the game. This is adjustable at any time. The adjustable parameters are as follows:

  • No encounters: Turn off random enemy encounters
  • Instant KO: Enable enemies to be defeated with a single strike
  • Game speed: Choose from three options (100%, 200% and 300%)
  • Battle speed: Choose from three options (100%, 200% and 300%)
  • Simple battle results display: Switch to a simpler display of mid-battle results after each turn
  • Auto-battle: Enable battles to be played automatically
  • Autosave Feature
  • Help Feature: Check the meanings of key terms and how to play the game from within the system menu.

“New Game +” Mode

This mode allows you to restart the game after clearing it once – carrying across level, rank, and Magnus from the initial run.

“New Game -” Mode

This mode applies restrictions on what is available for a much more difficult challenge.

Baten Kaitos I och II HD Remaster släpps 30 Juni till Nintendo Switch.


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