Ännu en trophyläcka och denna gång är det Atomic Heart *Spoiler*


Trophys för det kommande action/äventyrs fps spelet i Bioshock anda som utspelar sig i ett fiktionelt USSR har läckt ut. Fortsätt på egen risk eller stäng ner och spela spelet utan några ”för-spoilers” 21 Februari när det släpps.

Alla 42 trofeér

The Motherland Does Not Forget its Heroes trophy
Unlock all trophies

Strike trophy
Kill Hedgie without making a single shot / destroy all statues

Medium Rare trophy
Kill Belyash

Make It Go Round trophy
Kill Hedgie

Plyusch Rush trophy
Kill Plyusch

Show’s Over trophy
Kill Natasha

Dew Point trophy
Kill Dewdrop

Murderous Beauty trophy
Kill Twins

Chop Chop Chop trophy
Kill Belyash with a melee weapon

Happy Polymerization Day! trophy
Fly out of Chelomey

Pistils and Stamens trophy
Get out of Vavilov

Tickets, Please! trophy
Take a train at the Lesnaya Maglev train station

Quite an Achievement trophy
Clear the VDNH complex

Curtain trophy
Finish a theater performance

Medical Checkup trophy
Get to a hospital

Freedom Reflex trophy
Explore Pavlov

Kommunism 2.0 trophy
Find out the AoC’s secret

Atomic Heart trophy
Complete the game in Hardcore mode

Artisan trophy
Create a weapon in a crafting machine

Weapon Master trophy
Create five types of weapons

Lord of War trophy
Collect all weapons

Chemist trophy
Craft consumables of all types

Polymerization trophy
Collect 100 jelly

Apple Pie trophy
Pick all apples in Limbo

The Great Inventor trophy
Upgrade a weapon to the maximum level

Lefthand Mastery trophy
Fully upgrade one skill tree

How Can I Help You? trophy
Use a phone booth at Chelomey

Beast Friend trophy
Find all talking dead animals

The Necromancer trophy
Talk to every dead

Burning Ears trophy
Find all Chirpers

More Than Profit trophy
Find all Lootyagins

Explorer trophy
Find a testing ground

Clean-up trophy
Complete all testing grounds

Scanner trophy
Scan all mobs

Avatar trophy
Kill 10 burning enemies, 10 electrified enemies, and 10 frozen enemies

Hothead trophy
Make 25 aimed headshots from Makarov pistol

Below Zero trophy
Freeze a Vova mid-air

Assimilation Procedure Interrupted trophy
Don’t let a sprout grow into a mutant

Bull’s Eye! trophy
Use Telekinesis to throw an object and knock down an Owl

Alcoholics Anonymous trophy
Get drunk with vodka and kill 5 enemies

Triple Penetration trophy
Kill 3 or more enemies with a single Railgun shot

Hands on the Hood trophy
Hit 20 enemies by a car


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